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Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1964. It is currently offering an Undergraduate programme of B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 60 students. Apart from this it also runs a regular Post graduate of M.Tech. in Computer Aided Design with intake of 18 students. Also it offers two part-time M.Tech. programmes with specializations in Mechanical Engineering Design and Industrial System Engineering with intake of 10 students in each programme. Presently, the Department is also a Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) centre for Ph.D. with two seats along with 01 seat under TEQIP II programme of World Bank. Most of the faculty members are well qualified and have completed their Ph.D. from reputed Institutions. The Department has well equipped laboratory and research facilities to cater to the need of UG and PG programme. Department also extends Testing and Consultancy work for local Industries.

B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Computer Aided Design
M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering-Mech. Engg. Design(Part Time)
M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering-Industrial System Engg.(Part Time)
B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering


Old Course Structure B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering VIEW
Old Syllabus B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering VIEW
B.Tech. New Syllabus Mechanical Engineering VIEW
B.Tech. New Course Structure VIEW


M.Tech. New Syllabus Mechanical Engineering VIEW
M.Tech. New Course Structure VIEW
M.Tech. Old Syllabus VIEW

Course structure for PhD program in different specializations.
PhD courses should be taken by students in consultation with their thesis supervisors.

Dr. Anand Kumar
Professor & Head

 [email protected]


Dr. S.K. Singhal

 [email protected]


Dr. Onkar Singh

 [email protected]


Dr. Rajive Gupta

 [email protected]


Mr. Jitendra Bhaskar
Associate Professor

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Mr. R.K. Ambikesh
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Vinay Pratap Singh
Assistant Professor

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Dr. S.K.S. Yadav
Assistant Professor


Name Designation Mobile No. Email Id
Mr. Saurabh Sangal Assistant Professor. 9897360294
Mr. Vivek Guha Assistant Professor 9891499458
Mr. Deepak Singh Assistant Professor 7600684655
Mr. Manoj Singh Patel Assistant Professor 9559971694
Mr. Naman Kumar Bajpai Assistant Professor 9482241593
Ms. Versa Nigam Assistant Professor 7376565817
Administrative Officers
Staff Members
Shri Sanjay Kumar

Shri Sanjay Kumar



Shri. Ravi Soni

Computer Operator



Will be available soon.

  • Petrol engine test rig (computerized).
  • Diesel engine test rig.
  • Compressor test rig.
  • Steam and gas turbine models.
  • Boiler models


  • Software: Creo 2.0 (50 licenses), ITI simulation software.
  • Computers: Core i7 based machines in ample numbers
  • Complete networking of PCs.
  • 1 Mbps leased line for Internet.
  • Laser Printer, Dot Matrix Printer, Inkjet printer, Plotter.

Automobile Engineering Lab

  • Models of transmission system,
  • Steering system etc.
  • Chassis of an ambassador car

Fluid Machinery Lab

  • Pelton turbine test rig.
  • Francis turbine test rig.
  • Centrifugal pump test rig.
  • Subsonic wind tunnel.
  • Hot wire anemometer etc.

Manufacturing Science Lab

  • ZNC EDM machine
  • ECM machine
  • Many home grown setups and attachments

Dynamics of Machines Lab

  • Governors
  • Gyroscope
  • Whirling of shaft apparatus
  • Cam profile analyzer
  • Various clutch and brakes models

Heat Transfer Lab

  • Experimental setups for conduction (natural and forced), convection, radiation etc.
  • Thermal conductivity measurement and emissive setups, head pump etc.
  • Refrigeration test rig, air conditioning test rig.
  • Mini steam power plant.

Machine drawing lab

  • 60 Drawing boards

CAM lab (under development)

  • CNC lathe machine
  • 01 seat off line CNC programming software

Will be available soon.

Research/ Project/ Consultancy
Will Be Available Soon.

Will be available soon.


The faculty members are actively involved in research activities and publishing the research work in reputed journals. The details of the publications are provided in the bio-data of individual faculty members.


Dr. Anand Kumar

Professor & Head

Phone: 7081300504