Hostel Facility

Hostel Rules

1. Wardens shall be responsible for managing the hostels. There will be a Hostel Management Committee (HMC) nominated by the Warden for smooth running of the hostel. Wardens may constitute specific committees / subcommittees for specific purposes.
2. Residents should not do anything which may cause noise and distraction in studies or may be deemed vulgar in any manner.
3. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to stay at night (9:00PM to 6:00AM) in the hostel. A prior permission must be obtained from the warden. If this is not possible due to some reason, the Warden should be informed the next morning explaining reasons for such delay. No female guest is allowed to stay in the boys’ hostel and vice-versa under any circumstances during the day or at night.
4. All the inmates must reside in the accommodation allotted to them. No exchange / interchange of hostel / room is allowed without prior consent of the Warden.
5. Furniture provided in the rooms should not be removed and used elsewhere.
6. All the inmates are required to be present in the hostel during night (9:00PM to 6:00AM).Absence from the hostel without prior written permission from the Warden is illegal.
7. Heaters are not allowed in the hostel. Residents may have Personal Computers.
8. Complaints / difficulties may be conveyed to General Secretary / Prefect concerned for redressal with due consultation with the warden.
9. The hostel mess will be run by the students under general supervision of the Warden. The inmates are required to follow the mess rules strictly.
10. No meetings / assembly is permitted in the hostel without prior permission of Warden.
11. All the inmates are required to join the hostel mess. However, Warden may exempt a student from the hostel mess on medical grounds for a specified period.
12. Students falling sick should inform the Warden immediately for making necessary arrangement for the treatment.
13. Gambling of any kind and use of liquor/drugs is strictly prohibited.
14. Firearms (even licensed) are not permitted in the hostel. Pets such as dogs etc. are not permitted.
15. all the inmates are required to vacated the hostel during the summer vacation and handover charge of their rooms, furniture, fittings etc. before leaving. Warden is authorized to break open a locked room,if needed. University is not responsible for any loss of belongings of the student.
16. Common Room shall be available only from the morning to 10:00 pm in the night. In case of any specific event, the timings for common room may be extended with the written permission of the Warden.

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