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Dr. Ram Naresh




[email protected]

Professor and Ex- Head Department of Mathematics Harcourt Butler Technological Institute

  • M.Sc. in Mathematics ( Kanpur University )
  • Ph.D. in Mathematical Modelling – Air Pollution ( I.I.T.Kanpur )

  •  Mathematical Modelling of Environmental & Ecological systems.
  •  Mathematical Epidemiology, Transmission dynamics of HIV/AIDS.
  •  Nonlinear Dynamics

TitleJournalVolume/Issue/ISSN/ISBN/Impact Factor if anyYear
Removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to reduce global warming: A modeling study International Journal of Global Warming 7(2), 270-292 2015
Modeling and analysis of the survival of a biological species in a polluted environment: Effect of environmental tax Computational Ecology and Software 5(1), 201-221 2015
Modeling the dynamics of carbon dioxide removal in the atmosphere Computational Ecology and Software 4(4), 248-268 2014
Modeling the effect of toxicant on plant biomass with time delay International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences 17(3), 254-267 2014
Modelling and analysis of acid rain formation due to precipitation and its effects on plant species Natural Resource Modelling 26(1), 53-65 2013
Modeling the effects of aerosols to increase rainfall in regions with shortage Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 120(3-4), 157-163 2013
Effect of environmental tax on carbon dioxide emission: A mathematical model American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics 49(1), 16-23 2016
TitleBook Title, Editor & PublisherVolume/Issue/ISSN/ISBNYear
Mathematical Analysis & Applications Published by Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi 0 2000
Title of Conference/ Seminar etcYear/DurationOrganised in Collaboration with VenueLevel
Mathematical Modelling 1994 IIT, Kanpur University
Reliability and Safety in Process Industries 1998 HBTI, Kanpur University
Sobolev Spaces and its Applications 1998 IIT, Kanpur University
Probability, Random Processes and Elements of Information Theory 1999 IIT Kanpur University
Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Flows, Diffusion and Environmental Pollution 2001 IIT Kanpur University
Eco-Friendly Chemical Technologies 2002 HBTI Kanpur University
Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Information 2004 HBTI Kanpur University
Short Term Course on Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Science 2006 IIT Kanpur University
Pedagogy 2008 HBTI Kanpur University
Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Chemical Processes 2009 HBTI Kanpur University
Workshop on Disaster Management and Mitigation 2009 HBTI Kanpur University
Optimization Techniques for Engineers 2009 HBTI Kanpur University
Workshop on Curriculum Development and Evaluation Methods in Technical Education 2013 HBTI Kanpur University
Faculty Development Program on Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Engineering Systems 2013 HBTI Kanpur University
(xv) Workshop on State level Faculty Interaction Seminar under the aegis of Department of Technical 2015 H.B.T.I.Kanpur University