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H.B.T.U. Kanpur, a pioneer university in the country, was established in the year 2016. Earlier, it was known as H. B. T. I. Kanpur which was established in the year 1920-21 to provide manpower training, technical know-how and applied research support to a large number of chemical and allied industries taking shapes in the country, particularly in its northern zone. For about 35 years, since its inception, HBTI had provided all kind of support to almost all chemical and allied industries so effectively that it was the first choice for any problem of chemical engineering or applied chemistry. A number of reputed technical institutes today, like IIT Kanpur, NSI, GCTI, Leather, Rubber, Glass etc. were either parts of this institute or were started in its building with all types of support and guidance during their earlier periods. Because of the proven expertise of H.B.T.I. in the area of chemical and allied industries, as advised by a visiting committee of AICTE, Chemical Engineering Department was formed and Chemical Engineering Education was formalized in the institute in 1954 with two new courses for awarding undergraduate degrees of AHBTI and FHBTI. Thereafter in 1958, two full-fledged undergraduate courses were started leading to degrees in Chemical Engineering after four years study and in Chemical Technology after three years study. The Chemical Engineering Department was made responsible to teach and guide fundamental principles of Chemical Engineering and their applications to the entire students of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology and later on to Leather Technology as well.

The Department has built up a comprehensive research infrastructure with top-notch facilities for carrying cutting-edge teaching and research. Constant efforts are being made to maintain and enhance the high standards of this department to be ranked always as one of the best in India. The Department strives to provide its students with facilities and environment that are conducive for creative and dynamic work. This department has run several research programs in Technology, Engineering and Basic Sciences, of which some were sponsored by institutions like U.G.C, C.S.I.R, D.S.T. (NEW DELHI) B.A.R.C. (BOMBAY) I.C.A.R. (NEW DELHI), U.P.C.S.T (LUCKNOW) M.H.R.D. (NEW DELHI), C.I.D.A (CANADA). The faculty has extensively contributed by writing books and publishing good number of research papers in national and international journals of repute. The department has organized a number of National and International seminars, workshops, and Short courses.




To emerge as a global leader in the areas of education and research in Chemical Engineering to handle the technological challanges in Chemical Engineering & Allied Field and catering the requirement of present and future stakeholders and society.






  1. To provide state-of-art technical education to the undergraduate and post graduate students.
  2. To create a conducive and supportive environment for the overall growth of our students.
  3. To cultivate awareness of social responsibilities in students to serve the society.
  4. To groom students with leadership skills helpful in Startups, professional ethics and accountability along with technical knowledge to face the changing needs of industry and environment.
  5. To impart consultancy services to the Chemical and Allied industries of the local region and state.


B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering
M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering
M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering(Part time)
B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering


B.Tech. (Chemical Technology/Leather Technology) Session 2014-15 VIEW
M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering


M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering(Part time)


Course structure for PhD program in different specializations. PhD courses should be taken by students in consultation with their thesis supervisors.
Dr. S.K.Gupta

Associate Professor & Head


Dr. Rajesh Katiyar

Associate Professor


Dr. Ashwini Sood

Associate Professor


Sri Ashwini Kumar Rathore

Assistant Professor


Sri Jitendra Kumar

Assistant Professor


Sri Girdhari Lal Devnani

Assistant Professor



Administrative Officers
Staff Members

Shri Sanjay Kumar

Research Assistant



Shri Bramha Prasad

Junior Assistant


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Mechanical Operations Lab

Mechanical Operations Lab is equipped with Ball mill, Disintegrator, Jaw Crusher, Screen Analysis apparatus, Crushing Rolls, Rotary vacuum Filter, Filter Press & experimental set up for Settling characteristics of particle.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics Lab is equipped with Venturi meter, Orifice meter, V-notch, Pipe fitting apparatus, Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus, Centrifugal pump & Rotameter.

Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab

This lab is equipped with Pilot set up –Batch Reactor, Mixed Stirrer Tank Reactor, Plug Flow Reactor & Spectrophotometer.

Chemical Technology Lab

In Chemical technology lab our students are getting the practical knowledge of preparation of Cement paint, Primer, Distempers, Polystyrene, PMMA, Detergents & Food products.

Process Dynamics & Control Lab

This lab is equipped with Thermocouple, Bimetallic Thermometer, Two Tank Interacting & Non-Interacting Systems, On-off Controller, Stirred Tank Heater, PI and PID Controller, Pyrometer, Gas Flow Meter and Resistance Thermometer.

Process Instrumentation Lab

This lab is equipped with Pressure Gauge, Pneumatic Pressure Recorder, Diaphragm/Air Bubbler, Red Wood/Say Bolt/Ostwald Viscometer, IR Moisture Meter, Orsat Apparatus and Conductivity Meter.

Heat Transfer Operations Lab

This lab is equipped with Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Double Pipe Heat Exchanger, Open Pan Evaporator, Long Tube Evaporator and Heat Pipe.

Environmental Pollution Monitoring & Control Lab

This lab is equipped with Emissivity Apparatus, Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod Apparatus, Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Powder Apparatus, Film and Dropwise Condensation Apparatus, Pool Boiling and Nucleate Boiling apparatus.

Energy Lab

This lab comprises of Bomb Calorimeter, Penskey Monten Apparatus, Solar Water Heater, Solar Air Heater, Electrochemical Storage, Solar Water Pump and Solar Regenerator, Red Wood Viscometer.

Mass Transfer Lab

Mass Transfer operations lab is equipped with Cooling Tower, Tray Drier, Packed Bed & Pilot plant that comprises of absorption column, Stefan’s Tube apparatus for Diffusion, Liquid-Liquid Extraction & Solid-Liquid Extraction.

Training Programs Organised
Name of TPODate Organised
FDP on ‘Optimization Techniques for Engineers’ (o 23/03/2009
Workshop on “Occupational Health and Safety Manage 03/10/2016
Workshop on “MATLAB for Students” (two days) 14/10/2016
Workshop on “Energy Audit and Energy Conservation 07/03/2017
Workshop on “CHEMCAD” ( one day) 21/03/2017
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Research/ Project/ Consultancy
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GATE qualified students having rank below 150 are :-

Year 2016 

  1. Mr. Shivam Gupta   - Rank 26 
  2. Mr. Sachin Gautam - Rank 30
  3. Mr. Mehul              - Rank 82
  4. Mr. Vikram Singh   - Rank 90
  5. Mr. Yash Agrawal  - Rank 132

Year 2017

  1. Mr. Yatendra Kumar Panghal - Rank 2 
  2. Mr. Saurabh Kumar                - Rank 53 
  3. Mr. Abhishek Atrey                 - Rank 94 
  4. Ms.Shivani Gupta                   - Rank 96 
  5. Mr. Sri Krishna                        - Rank 146

Year 2018

  1. Mr. Prashant Varshney   - Rank 9
  2. Mr. Mudit Singh              - Rank 26 
  3. Mr. Anjani Rai                 - Rank 39
  4. Mr. Aditya Singh             - Rank 147


Award Received by AKTU in Convocation 2017


Ms. Shivani Gupta   -       Gold Medal

Mr. Abhishek Atrey  -       Silver Medal

Ms. Mahak Agrwal   -       Bronze Medal

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Dr. S.K.Gupta

Professor & Head

Phone: 7081300512



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