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It was constituted, among all other total twelve teaching departments, as a full-fledged department as per HBTI Society Bye-Laws in the year 1965.Initially, the Department was offering humanities courses such as literature and philosophy to B.Tech. Engineering and Technology students. Therefore, the department was popularly known as Humanities Department. Later on , as per the academic guidelines of the AICTE, besides the humanities courses, the Department started to offer a number of social science courses such as economics, industrial management, accounting & financial management etc. to B.Tech. & MCA students of different years. When HBTI was brought under the affiliation to UPTU, Lucknow in the year 2001, the courses and syllabus as prescribed and approved by the University for the Department to teach B.Tech. & MCA students were broadly stratified under the streams of English Language and Social Sciences. Besides offering various courses to B.Tech. & MCA students, the Department runs Ph.D Programme in ‘Economics’ subject. The Department was recognised as Ph.D research centre in Economics by CSJ University, Kanpur in the year 1998.In order to give an appropriate name to the department, we use to call it the ‘Department of Humanities and Social Sciences’(HSS), as the same exists in IITs.

Presently, the Department is running with three regular faculty members-one Professor, one Assistant Professor and one Lecturer, and two guest faculty members (lecturers) along with one research assistant and one attendant. In total, the Department has seven members. The faculty members of the Department are highly qualified and more competent. The achievements of the faculty members are much attractive in the fields of research, Ph.D supervision, publications, participation in conferences, seminars, workshops and short-term refresher courses, organising seminars, carrying research projects and participation in administrative and students’ extracurricular activities.

In the Department, adequate facilities are available for the research scholars. More than 1000 different reference books and 10 different international journals in the subjects of Economics and Management are available in the Central Library. Besides computer facilities in the department, there is a Central Computer Centre located in the Department of Computer Engg. & Sciences, which provides the facilities with the researchers for the massive data- processing and statistical works. For the research scholars, other facilities like room-accommodation, sitting arrangement, furniture and other supporting materials are provided by the Department. At the Institute’s level, the facilities of hostel accommodation, messing, medical, postal, banking, etc. are also available to research students.

Administrative Officers
Staff Members
Anchit Agarwal

Shri. Anchit Agarwal

Research Assistant


Anchit Agarwal

Shri. Ajay Kumar

Junior Assistant


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A language laboratory of capacity of 16 students was set up in the year 2001. The main objective of this laboratory was to develop communication skills of the students, with emphasis on spoken English. Various aspects of oral communication like: Stress in Speech, Intonation, Rhythm in Connected Speech, Role-Play Presentation, Theme Presentation, Public Speaking etc., are covered in practical experiments in this lab.

          A New Digital Language Lab (Computer-based) with capacity of 60 students is under progress. This will certainly provide ample opportunity to the students in improving their modern speaking and communication skills in English, so that they can prepare themselves to face the challenges of national and international competitive job markets.

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Research/ Project/ Consultancy
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  • No. of Research Publications :
  • Journals: (i) National: 10; (ii) International: 08
  • Edited Books: 04
  • Conference Proceedings: 05
  • Books: 02
  • No. of Sponsored Research Projects:
  • Completed: 02;
  • In-Progress: 01
  • No. of Ph.D. Theses supervised:
  • Awarded:02
  • In Progress: 01

A digital language lab of 60 students capacity costing of Rs. 30 lakh is installed in the department.

To know about the detailed research and development activities of the Department, please go through individual faculty profiles.

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Dr. K. M. Mohapatra

Professor & Head

Phone: 9721456039

Email: [email protected]

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